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Vintage Pencils

I love art supplies. All of them, really, but especially the old ones. There's just nothing like a classic Blackwing. Its lead is soft enough to allow a smooth, even stroke but still manages to provide a rich, dark line; plus it smells richly of cedar when sharpened. But it's not just about the Blackwing. It's not even just about pencils. It's pastels, paper clips, typing paper, thumbtacks and all other manner of office and art supplies from a time when we didn't need the manufacturer to remind us not to eat them with polite warnings on the package.

Visit our store at Sketchbook Central to see our current inventory of vintage supplies. New items arrive all the time and most are one of a kind so check back often. If you have any questions or are looking for something that you don't see, feel free to email me.