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About our Sketchbooks and Journals

 For many years I searched for a sketchbook that would do all the things that I thought it should. I knew what I wanted and couldn't find a single solution that combined all my desired features. Rather than settling for what was available, I decided that I would make my own and make it awesome.

Here's all the stuff I wanted and ultimately built in to my sketchbooks:

And while I was at it, something besides a boring black cover.

What I came up with is, in my opinion, the finest sketchbok you can buy. I wanted to elevate the sketchbook to more of an "art book" where you can use it all the time and with all of your tools. Available in a variety of standard paper- and cardstocks, with kraft, black, lined, watercolor or custom stocks available upon request, all pages are drilled to be compatible with the standard format to allow for archiving in a commercial 3-ring binder. Each book comes with a sheet of clear vinyl that can be placed behind the active page to prevent marker leakthrough. The covers have nickel steel grommets through each hole and the finished book is held together with industrial binding rings that can be opened and closed to remove finished art, move the vinyl sheet or load fresh stock. The elastic strap that holds the book closed can be used to hold reference material against the inside front cover or even to hold the page you're working on down (by flipping the front cover completely around the back).

As for finding an alternative to the "boring black cover", I prowl resale shops, estate sales and friends' basements looking for peculiar titles to entertain and inspire my fellow artists. Vintage encyclopedias and atlases, children's books, and just about anything else that begs for a new life can be made into a Neko Heavy Industries original.

As I said before, my sketchbook was designed to fill a gap in the market, and the more I talked with people in the artistic community, the more I realized that there was a demand for a similar product for writers. We now proudly make lined, unlined, bulleted and graph paper journals with many of the same features as the original sketchbook. We've even started producing hybrid journals with a half-lined page with space for illustrations above or below. These are great for 'makers'; designers, engineers and illustrators can find solutions in our custom journals.

We even make kids editions filled with that wonderfully nostalgic red and blue lined paper for practicing handwriting, and many of our kids editions also include the original storybook pages just for fun!

Thanks for stopping by, I hope you will enjoy using these products as much as I've enjoyed making them.


Sketchbook Craftsman


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